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I just recently have found it! I'm shocked!

Оne huge p!atd community using my drawing ode to Brendon Urie" as a print for T-shirts without my consent.
If it was a small community, I would have forgiven them. I can understand a little theft. But just look at this!
26,303 shares! 119k likes! 
Can you imagine how many T-shirts are sold with this poor print quality?
And all these people do not even know me. For such a large community, administrator could contact me, I would have no problem to cooperate with them. But now it's a matter of principle. I want them to closed down the lot, apologize, posted the link above to the source and (if I'm lucky) gave me part of the money from sales.

I tried to write them, but there is no answer... I am in despair and decided to write Brendon. Maybe he can help me to draw the attention of fans of Panic! at the Disco to this injustice.
 You can help me to restore justice. Retweet my massage to Brendon and mark hashtag #BreakFreeOdeToBrendon…

Thanks for your help!

Let's restore justice togather and return "Ode to Brandon" to rightful owner.
Did you miss me?
Did you miss me?
Did you miss me?

Oh okay, I know I am a really bad person. I  have left DA almost on a year, and
I swear there was a reason! I has developed my own comics. Believe me,  it is very difficult to do in Russia.

So, I'm going to sell and post my comics Zomfree Blog in English to you from DA web-site. So you can read it ^^
How much it will be cost? Well, at first it will be a bit expensive, but in future with your help I hope to reduce the cost of production (printing).

Post Services. -  1 $,
1 chapter of comics (20 pages) - 5$

What do you think? Do you want to see my comics? Please, write a comment!

Zomfree blog by dragon-flies  Zomfree blog - preview pg. 3 by dragon-flies  Floyd, what are you doing? ...Go on by dragon-flies
Hey, If you like my art, you can buy some good stuff wthit it! look --->…

If you like my art and wanna help me, please follow me on

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Like, fav. and comment c:

Yes, I'm makind own comics, which you will be able to buy in English and read online in the future. 25 pages of jokes and mystics!

Okay, about what this comics?

Zomfree Blog - is a huge comics about Vampires, monsters, ghosts and humans. The story tells about the guy Zomb and his dog - Bob. He keeps a blog and looking for chance to find something interesting and mysterious for his videos and to become famous. He decided to move in old house with creepy legends to find any ghosts.
Zomfree blog - preview pg. 1 by dragon-flies  Zomfree blog - preview pg. 2 by dragon-flies  Zomfree blog - preview pg. 3 by dragon-flies

Wait-wait, Zomb? It's Frank Iero, isn't it?

Yes, you are right! If you my fan, you probably know that a huge part of my drawings is My Chemical Romance fan art. Remember Vampires and Werewolves?
Frank - the boy and Gee - Vampire by dragon-flies  Vampire's family photo by dragon-flies  3 VB FP - Gee doesn't want to be elegant vampire by dragon-flies  MTR - Vampires or Werewolves? by dragon-flies  Ville and Gerard - two vampires by dragon-flies  V. vs W - hair straightener by dragon-flies  V vs. W - round 1 by dragon-flies 
So, many of you love this characters so much, so I decided to start separate story about them (with some plot).
MCR (ex) members - Bob, Gerard, Mikey, Frank (revenge era) - are the prototypes of my characters. This guys inspired me to draw all this works what you see in my gallery, changed my life and helped to find myself. So using them as a prototype - is a allusion and gratitude for their creative work. Vampires rule! Also you will find there Ville Valo! XD

When I can read it and where?

Axiscomics already making english version for web-site
I hope they will translate Zomfree Blog as soon as posible!…

Thank you! 
yea, finaly I finished this fu***ng story! 

well I going to check your theories) You have a little more time.
You know, at the first time I decided to make some kind of competition.

Prize - I draw for you any drawing for free.

But it's not an ordinary competition, it's sounds more interesting :D

it's the quest for your attentiveness, intelligence and love for Mysteries and secrets!
What should you do? You need to guess what story of what character(s) I have ciphered here, somewhere inside my DA page, in drawings. Carefully read the description under drawings, strange looking messages there and Links- tips. They will slowly lead you to a solution and knowledge.
If you find something on any picture and will find it's meaning -  DON'T decipher it for others in comments under, I've been watching you! 'Cause every one will lose fun.

However, you can leave marks in comments for me - let it be any icons of Gerard Way or Frank Iero! for example: :icongerardrapefaceplz:  :icongerardwayrapefaceplz: :icongeewayfunnysmileplz: :iconkittykittygeerardplz: :icongeegeeplz: :icongerardsmileplz: :icongerardraepfaceplz: :iconfrankpearlywhitesplz: :iconfrankiegrinplz: :iconfrankierorideplz:  So in this way I will understand that you are in the game and on the right way. ;)

After some time I'll say, "My story is narrated", it means that quest is ends( when exactly It will happend? I don't tell you )! After that, if you have found all the clues and you know what happened, you should write your theory in a privat message and send it to me immediately.
After 4 days, I will looking for 3 winners.
First 3 people who will fully and in details guess my secret ciphered story, will gets prizes (1 free drawing for each one).

So, are you gonna play with me?  (write in comments)...
 The prize is worth it, is not it? It will be very interesting.
9a0 by dragon-flies

wonderful news, guys! Most of you had been waiting It for 3 or ever 4 years, thank you for your patient!!!!  
Heart Dance - NaNo28 

Right now you can buy any image on my DA page for the total (fix) price - 5 $ !!!

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

If you buy more than 5 prints = I give you -3 $ discount! For example: 5 pics x 5$ - 3$ = 22$ not 25$

You can print my drawings on postcard (or poster) and gift it to your friend(s)! 
Or put it on your cup or T-shirt, keychains, mouse pad, badges, whatever... the pic is big enough for all of this!
Here some examples of what you may take for it:

Keep calm, Wilson by dragon-flies cabbage? Not for this baby by dragon-flies The aliens are coming by dragon-flies Let's go home and prepare for Halloween by dragon-flies happy MCR Easter by dragon-flies Spoiled photo???? by dragon-flies  Frank by dragon-flies Shepherd of souls by dragon-flies ArtTrade: Mikey Way-Kobra Kid by dragon-flies Can you hear me? Are you near me? by dragon-flies Thank you for Frank Iero by dragon-flies Frank - the boy and Gee - Vampire by dragon-flies MCR COVER by dragon-flies This Maniac's in Love With You by dragon-flies MGR - ghost of Gerard by dragon-flies  Ville to everyone! by dragon-flies The Sacrament by dragon-flies  Mark by dragon-flies BVBatman by dragon-flies Gee Way - black parade by dragon-flies

So, what should you do? CURSE YOU! 

to make this deal more profitable for you and me, I do not use intermediaries (DA shop), so:

1) send me a email on "" - write down a links of pics., which you would like to buy (not names!!!). Say, how you would pay - PayPal or Visa. If you use PayPal - mention in letter your account address (I need to know your name).
 P.S  "" - is an address of my PayPal account too. If you use PayPal, You need to send money on this address
Example of your letter:
"Wanna buy this:
use Paypal. I am ""

2) Then I send you a cost (and my card number - if you use Visa).
3) Then you pay.
4) I check it and send you a full size pics!
5) Done! 

Для моих русских фанов с:

Во-первых, не парьтесь по поводу долларов. Напишите в письме, что  готовы заплатить рублями, и я переведу сумму в рублях (округлённую).
При покупки 5 картинок сразу и больше - скидка "-145 рублей".

Во-вторых, У меня карта Сбербанк visa.
Могу предложить способы перевода, если у вас нет payPal.
Однако лучше посоветуйтесь с родителями, так как я в этих вопросах не спец, а инфу взяла из интернета:
1) Со своим паспортом, моей Ф.И.О, номером моей банковской карты (я их дам в электронном письме), идите Сбербанк, в стойку, которая работает с физическими лицами. Просите пополнить карту, озвучивая сумму. Вам выписывают счет и с ней в кассу - оплачиваете, получаете квитанцию. 
2) Через программу Сбербанк Онлайн, если у Вас есть своя карта. За это вроде как не берут комиссию. 
3) Через банкомат возможно пополнить чужой счет Сбербанка только в том случае, если у Вас есть собственная карта сбербанка! Там есть специальный раздел.

P.S И помните, электронные кошельки типа Kivi или Яндекс Деньги берут комиссию!
Не переживайте, впринципе, ничего сложного. Не сложнее, чем за электричество заплатить. :) Удачи!

:icondragon-flies: :iconsaysplz: Maybe open the commission? Write in comments. 

Are you fan of RED'MAD ? You can help me! :D

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 9:23 AM l Gallery l Watch Me

If you like my comics (and pics) and would like to show them to your friends, pleace, don't hesitate!Hug
Post my works (with links on my Deviantart ofcause ) in your blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages, (send it even to Gerard ahahah or Andy's Dad, if you think that my drawings are good enough)! Bring good mood to other MCR, GD, BVB, HIM fans and (at the same time) help me with promotion :D ( As I real punk I don't want to do it for money, so the only hope for me is you!) 
Thank you all! :D
AuxRiQS3AdA by dragon-flies

hey now I am on Tumblr and have my own blog :) I dont know wha to post here, yet... but I'll try to came up with something interesting :3 Follow!

Here is you can see some exclusive grawings ;)

you know my skype is stupid thing for tallking... so now I finaly have fasebook pg. Who wants, can add me ^^
HIM fans welcome ^^ 
aahaha omg )) So many people answered on my asking, cool :DDD I will try to add all of you ^^ But then, when I pass all my exams, I promise that I'll do a facebook account. :D
btw my twitter - @notmatter_human
my instagram - red_mad_ (without avatar)  -

hey hi ^^ well... who wants to chating with me on Skype? I need a native English speaker, you know.. for my eng. lessons )) and I just feel like shit sometimes and I need funny person ))) You know, we can do web chat (but I propably will not undastand you ) I dont know ))) :DDD

and enother one .. soon I will try to move to Finland, you know ))) and I need some Finnish friends for chating... and so on )) So if you are from Finland - very welcome :3
so! Who want... so, write here :)
YES! This is my attempt number three - sit in twitter. This time, maybe I'll actually be there. I change my name. If anyone wants, they can add me. I speak both Russian and English here ^^. Those who are interested can translate. (But I think it is no one will be interested).
who love Green Day and MCR and P!ATD and FOB and BVB and H.I.M and AC//DC and Rob Zombie and the Used and many many many cool music, please! :3 Thank you <3

===> @notmatter_human <====
yeeeeess!!! I got it!!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!!! <333333333333333333
YES! Let's go to see!
AYAY! Soon I will have a 60 000 v. :3
and you will see
+ 5 things about BVB
+ 3 things about GD
+ 5 things about MCR
+ 4 things about ScareCrow!
17 things for fest... not bad I think :D
aaww fans I miss you so much some times  :iconmikeywayunicornplz:
By the way, I want bring you good news! I recovered from my terrible depression that lasted for more than about half a year! I am finally free from my sad thoughts. :icongerardwaycameplz: yes!
I want to say a huge thank you! You helped me when I felt like a useless man. Every time I smile when I read your kind comments. I'm started to feel  better. you all say, that I make smiles and days of many people. ^^ aaww I dont know... but if you all write it, it is try )))
Of course, me know relatively a few people, but they really love me, and that's very important. Because I love everyone, and you. :3
so.. :hug: what I wanted to say.. oh yes ))
1) You probably remember my promise? No? In this case, (as I am sneaky girl who often do not keep promises because I am lazy or forgetful ass) I officially declare all the people who are reading this!


I AM RED'MAD (DRAGON-FLIES) promise to make a great drawings festival when on my page will be typed 60,000 views! It is connected with my o-о-о-о-оld dream. I wish that so many peope will see me like so many people was at the Green Day concert in England in 2005.... ))) Soon, it will happen. :iconblushiesplz:  At drawings festival, I'll draw... hm BVB, GD, MCR and The End of ScareCrow!!! )) But if I said that this will be a festival, so I will draw  more than 4 drawings for each band. Not Portet, not sketches! It Will be your favorite comics and funny pictures! YES!! :iconthuggerardplz: Wish me luck! I have a lot of work, I hope I have time at this point, and do not miss it. :icongerardmehplz:  
In general, this is my promise! :iconcoolgeeplz:

AAAND!! :3333 soon my B-day! :icontearyguyplz: :333 I will have 17 years old! I'll be .... still small girl ))) ... :iconhappygeeplz: yeeah ahahaah
becose of that... Maybe make a party? :iconkermityayplz: Internet party YAY! ahahah ))) I do not know how to do it, but if you have an idea, you could say.... :icondoctorthumbsupplz:
By the way, I do not know how you react to this, but why not if I open my (real, material) mail for you ... maybe letters, postcards, gifts? :icongerardwaycameplz: ))) I do not know, maybe it's a stupid idea, because no one wants to send me a material gifts, I'm right?  :iconmikeypokerface: ))) Well... if you want... I WILL BE VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY! :333333 Ask me if you need something ) I will read comments. ))
here is my adress:

index: 196240
Russia, Saint - Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse, building 9 - 4, flat 205.
to Malygina Anastasia Vyacheslavovna

 By the way, I think about how to register on Facebook to communicate with you and with the world, do you think? But I will not go there often, but to respond to all emails, I promise.

so! thats all I think... I hope there will be many comments below. :iconhigh51plz::iconhigh52plz: :3333

^^ kiss and hugs HAPPY HOLLYDAYS!…
I need only 40 votes ^^ Pleeeeeeeaaase!!!
Please support and help me in this contest! :)